Assignment Remittance Tracking (ART) System Processing

The Assignment Remittance Tracking System (ART) provides automated processing of high-volume recurring assignment payments (dairy, etc.). This service offers specialized SunStream Business Services accounting staff to handle exception processing and research items. In addition, communication with the assignment remitters is included.

Service Value and Key Benefits

  • Centralized, timely payment processing system for high-volume client payments
  • Knowledgeable and specialized Accounting staff for the efficient processing of ART payments
  • Vendor liaison with assignment companies to ensure accurate payment application
  • Adherence to operational procedures for proper application of payments
  • Control of incoming ART cash activity
  • Friendly customer service for research requests and payment inquiries
  • Continuous process improvement through enhancements and automation

Business Service Manager

Scott Malm

Core Business Services Manager and Consultant
(651) 282-8728
[email protected]