Infrastructure Support and Cloud Services

This service provides comprehensive but a la carte support services for Microsoft and Linux server infrastructures, messaging systems, desktop support, anti-virus, security services and various disaster recovery options. Services may also include access to qualified and certified experts for technical assistance with problem isolation, resolution, upgrades and conversions.

Service Value and Key Benefits

  • Expert and certified trained support staff will manage infrastructure, reducing the requirement and costs for customer-level expertise
  • Ensure adequate provision for security when implementing technology solutions to meet unique customer business objectives

Detailed Description

Hosted (Cloud) Services

This service provides a cloud service to host our customer’s infrastructure, managed servers (shared or dedicated) and managed services. It provides customers a location and option to host their production environment in a robust and secure computer room environment. This service can give you the peace of mind that your technology solutions are secure and safe, with performance that can be comparable to what you get with local servers, without the need to manage them on a daily basis.

Premier Server Solutions

This service will give you access to our fully qualified, trained and certified technical staff, who can help you isolate and resolve problems with your server architecture. With extended support access to experts at Microsoft and many other hardware and software manufacturers, our competent professionals can resolve a wide array of technical issues in your server infrastructure, including:

  • Network operating system support and active directory support
  • Expert support in Windows NOS, Exchange, MOM, SMS and many other Microsoft solutions as well as many other Microsoft Partner solutions

Disaster Recovery/Business Continuance

This service can be provided as space in an existing datacenter or DR as a service (DRaaS).

  • Easily manage and test your disaster recovery from your virtual infrastructure
  • Replicate Virtual Machines to remote datacenter
  • Eliminate the costly overhead of a recovery datacenter
  • Enables automated data recovery solution
  • Failover and fallback include orchestration of all replication functions for a single virtual machine, multiple applications or entire datacenters

​Managed File Transfer System


Managed File Transfer server that lets customers manage and govern the exchange of large, sensitive mission-critical files and reduce risk. MOVEitDMZ is a secure and trusted solution to put between your network and the Internet for transferring files with both internal and external endpoints.

  • Gain visibility and insight with extensive and customizable reporting
  • Customer-owned FTP site allows administration and branding by the customer
  • Manage, provision and automate all internal and external file and data interactions
  • Create and enforce security policies and file-expiration rules
  • Ensure privacy and confidentiality with end-to-end encryption and non-repudiation
  • Give end users a simple and secure way to quickly transfer files with other people

Ad Hoc Transfer Module

Person-to-person email encryption, attachment offloading and secure messaging for file transfer using a Web browser or Microsoft Outlook plugin.

  • Increase productivity: No more time spent figuring out how to send a file to someone else
  • Simplify collaboration: Easily send encrypted files and secure messages to anyone, both internal and external to the organization
  • No training required: Senders simply use their browser and/or Outlook to send secure email attachments and messages
  • Outlook plugin allows user easy, one-step process to send encrypted message; No special wording or character strings required

Remote Backup Solution

This service removes the daily responsibility of having to backup your network servers and store tapes in a secure offsite location. It also removes the need for local tape drives attached to each server, the tapes themselves, the daily swapping of tapes and daily administration.

  • Offsite data storage
  • No requirement for local tape drives or tapes
  • Aids in faster disaster recovery scenario

VPN Site to Site Services

This service addresses the need for customers that want the opportunity to implement a different type of connectivity between branches and the central office or SunStream, and/or the connection between the central office and SunStream via a secure VPN connection over high-speed business service DSL.

  • Provide significant cost savings in certain District areas as broadband technology becomes available as an alternative to frame relay services

Firewall Management Services

This service addresses the need for securing parts of the network from the Internet or from other security intrusions. This service is for the administration and support of firewall services located at customer locations or within a DMZ located at SunStream.

Internet/Client Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Internet/Client Virtual Private Network (VPN) This Internet service provides a secure and redundant route to the Internet using a dedicated communications link with complete firewall protection. Client VPN provides a safe, secure and encrypted connection to District network services via the Internet.

Internet Access

  • Continuous redundant access to World Wide Web for timely news, business, agriculture, government and vendor information
  • Access to the District Intranet site
  • No connect time charges when accessed from the District network
  • Secure firewall protection from other Internet users; no firewall expertise required at the customer location
  • Availability of private Internet access reporting usage

Client VPN Access

  • Secure access to the District network and services through a local ISP, saving toll-free connection charges
  • Higher speed remote access to the District network and services when used in conjunction with technologies such as DSL or cable modems

Remote Access

Provide connectivity for customer applications from any Internet connection.

  • Portal configured for customer-specific needs

Business Service Manager

Dale Hildreth

Director, Technical Services
(651) 282-8569
[email protected]