Security Services

SunStream Business Services offers a variety of Security Services that can be customized to secure users and data, and enhance security posture.

Service Value and Key Benefits

  • Offers flexible selection of security controls tailored to Farm Credit’s unique needs
  • Reduces cybersecurity risk from threats like ransomware
  • Provides trained cybersecurity experts who play a crucial role in protecting computer systems, networks, and data from unauthorized access
  • Continually improves security services to safeguard information from potential threats or vulnerabilities

Detailed Description

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer Service (vCISO)

SunStream provides industry expertise to build and mature security programs. We assess the maturity of current security programs and prioritize activities to improve the security posture of organizations.

Cloud Security

SunStream assists with configuring and optimizing security controls within the Microsoft 365 platform, which is increasingly used by companies for its scalability, flexibility, and advanced capabilities.

Security Awareness Training and Phish Testing

SunStream offers web-based training on various security risks, delivered via email on a quarterly basis. Topics range from physical security to phishing to insider threats. Phishing testing is also provided to assess staff awareness and readiness for email-based cyber-attacks.

Penetration testing & Remediation Assistance

SunStream conducts deep dive security tests on networks, systems, cloud, wireless, and physical locations to identify vulnerabilities. They provide comprehensive reports and offer consultation, planning, and hands-on remediation of vulnerabilities found during testing.

Vulnerability Scanning, Management and Remediation Assistance

SunStream proactively detects and identifies known vulnerabilities within networks and systems. They provide reporting, tracking, and prioritization for vulnerability remediation. Remediation assistance, including patch deployment and best-practice configurations, is also available.

Data Loss Prevention

SunStream’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP) service monitors and blocks sensitive information from leaving the company, including through email and web traffic. It includes flexible rules to detect personally identifiable information and other sensitive data types. The security team manages alerts and provides periodic user activity reports.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) – Advanced Endpoint Security

SunStream’s advanced endpoint security solution (EDR) monitors and alerts for suspicious activity on corporate computers. This control helps protect against viruses, malware, and brute force attacks aimed at gaining unauthorized access to corporate networks and information.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

The IAM system captures and reports on access to financially significant systems and applications, improving compliance and reducing the risk of unauthorized access. It also streamlines onboarding, transfers, and offboarding processes for staff management.

Mass Notification (MNS)

The Mass Notification System provides a platform to communicate with staff during crises or incidents. It allows communication through email, phone, or text message and offers features like message delivery verification, user polls, and reporting on recipients and communication mediums. It also provides user self-service access for managing staff contact information.

Web Access Filtering

SunStream’s web access filtering helps protect and control user access to the internet. This control complies with requirements from the Farm Credit Administration and allows blocking of undesirable access for security and productivity reasons. Reporting on activity levels and top sites is available.

Business Service Manager

Dave Johnson

Risk Information Security Officer
[email protected]