Mailing Services and Support

Mailing Services and Support provides mailing and support for customers on a regularly scheduled basis. The service includes:

  • Insert and mailing of customer statements, billings, tax documents and rate notices
  • Insert and mailing of other communications or marketing materials
  • Management and storage of mailing supplies, forms and postage
  • Management of the process to pull correspondence prior to mailing with the mail service vendor
  • Management of the daily process and issue resolution with the mail service vendor

Service Value and Key Benefits

  • Mailing is done in a timely and accurate manner
  • Forms and envelopes used in mailing are ordered and stored at a central location, freeing up space at customer locations
  • Extra inserts/announcements are mailed with statements and billing, thus saving our customers work, time and postage

Business Service Manager

Mike Fretland

Application Support Specialist 
(651) 282-8760
[email protected]