Data Integration and Reporting

This service provides data access through a variety of reporting databases, interfaces, stored procedures and Web services.  In addition to a vast array of daily and monthly reporting data, these powerful tools enable our customers to build custom solutions that access back office applications all in a secure and flexible manner.

Service Value and Key Benefits

  • Flexibility in selecting solutions that are needed for your business
  • Access to your customers’ data
  • Knowledgeable SunStream staff that work with you
  • User support, including system support, balancing support and problem resolution via multiple access points
  • Ongoing quality assurance support for all systems

Detailed Description

Reporting Services – Provides our customers the ability to access monthly historical information via the Decision Support Database (DSdb) and daily information via the Daily Database (DB).

Integration Services – Provides real-time access to multiple databases through stored procedures and Web services. This service may be used by our customers as they build applications.

Data Extracts/Data Interfaces – Customized extracts and interfaces requested by our customers.

Standard Functionality

  • Daily distributed processing and transmission interfaces to mainframe systems, including third-party interfaces
  • Real-time data access through stored procedures/Web services
  • Daily or monthly access to data for ad-hoc reporting
  • System support via telephone (Service Desk), email and online documentation
  • Quality assurance testing for problems
  • Audit/regulatory system compliance for above systems
  • Balancing and internal controls

Business Service Manager

Paul Runquist

Director, Application Engineering
(651) 282-8618
[email protected]