Corporate Tax Services

This service provides cost-effective shared District tax resources, helping our customers to manage their tax compliance requirements at minimal cost.

Service Value and Key Benefits

  • Focused – SunStream’s tax team works exclusively with Farm Credit entities and understands the unique requirements of the cooperatives we serve.
  • Experienced – We have been helping Farm Credit entities with their taxes for more than 30 years.  No retraining someone every year on what it means to be part of Farm Credit.
  • Accommodating – We prepare all documents needed to address your tax reporting requirements: monthly tax provisions, workpapers, estimated tax payments, annual footnotes, sales tax returns, and personal property tax returns. We are here to answer all your tax questions.
  • Affordable – We are a Farm Credit entity just like you and our fees are reflective of our Farm Credit Cooperative heritage. 
  • Individualized – We understand that each customer is unique.  We invest the time to get to know you and your business to ensure we accurately represent your organization in everything we do. 
  • Predictable –SunStream secures agreement on fees up-front. There are no surprise charges –  you can come to us with one-off questions without negatively impacting your budget.
  • Peace of Mind –  SunStream files directly with the IRS on of behalf customers, but when required by governance, offers CPA review of our completed returns prior to filing, significantly reducing overall customer costs.

Detailed Description

Income Tax Service

  • Preparation of federal and state income tax returns
  • Preparation of monthly and quarterly income tax provisions
  • Calculation and processing of estimated tax payments
  • Reconciliation of general ledger tax accounts
  • Federal and state tax audit consultation and assistance
  • Assistance in responding to IRS and state tax notices  
  • Consultation on preparation of federal information returns – borrower and corporate
  • Consultation on IRS and State back-up withholding and levy notices
  • Coordination and expertise on legislative and regulatory changes
  • Signature of the return by SunStream personnel
  • Basic research and consulting on our customers’ income tax matters
  • Compile data for inclusion in annual statement notes for the income tax note
  • Consulting services beyond the scope of that included in the income tax service are available

Outside Consultant Return Review Service

A final review and signature by an outside consultant will be available. The value of this service is in having an additional review of the return and the support of the consultant in the event of an audit or other questions concerning the return. This service is the subject of a separate agreement directly between the customer and the service provider.

Sales Tax Service

  • Preparation and filing of sales tax returns
  • Consulting necessary in relation to filing those returns
  • Preparation of necessary accounting entries in connection with returns
  • Assistance in responding to state tax notices

Personal Property Tax Service

  • Preparation of personal property tax returns

Business Service Manager

Ann Smith

Director of Corporate Tax Services
(651) 282-8582
[email protected]